Hear from women living with endometriosis

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Hear from women living with endometriosis

Read personal stories from women with endometriosis and get tips for living life with endo.

She wanted to try a holistic approach

I had no idea what a normal period was until I was in my twenties. Period blood clots the size of a quarter? Seemed totally normal. Doubling over in pain during that time of month? Every woman goes through it. It wasn’t until a trip to the emergency room when my world turned sideways. I went in thinking my appendix had ruptured, but came out with an endometriosis diagnosis.

It took a while to find the right doctor and treatment plan for me. I didn’t want to take painkillers for my endo pain. I wanted to try a more holistic approach, especially since I was already a fairly healthy person to begin with. My gynecologist and I discussed changing my diet to mostly lean protein, vegetables, and fruit to help manage my endometriosis pain. It’s been a learning process. Along with changing my diet, I’ve also been trying acupuncture. The joint approach has really helped me.

Before, I had to miss some work and events due to my pain. Now, I feel like my day-to-day isn’t as difficult. My endometriosis pain still exists, but it’s not nearly as bad as it once was. This approach seemed to help me, but everyone should talk to their doctor to find a treatment plan that works for them.

This story was submitted by a real woman and reflects her personal experience. It does not reflect AbbVie’s thoughts, opinions, or beliefs. Before making any changes to your treatment or lifestyle, consult with a physician.

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