Hear from women living with endometriosis

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Hear from women living with endometriosis

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A fifth opinion

A few years ago, I started suffering from menstrual cramps that kept me up all night, and sex started to ache. At first, I thought it was normal but, after a while, I couldn’t take the pain anymore. One day, it was so bad that I decided to go to the ER.

The doctor there performed a laparoscopic surgery and found 3 endometrial lesions larger than 10 centimeters each, and smaller lesions from my liver to my colon. Turns out—I had endometriosis. After the surgery, the doctor told me he wanted to remove my ovaries and put me on hormone replacement therapy to help with my endo. I was 29 and engaged at the time! I absolutely did not want to have my ovaries removed! I wasn’t ready for menopause.

From my hospital bed, I read online about all my options. When the doctor came back to speak with me, I told him that I refused to have the surgery. Instead, I went home to see my gynecologist. But, to my surprise, she actually agreed with the doctor from the hospital! She thought surgery was my best option.

So, I did research online and found a GYN surgeon at a prestigious hospital. I went to see him, and guess what? He also thought surgery was the right choice for me. So, I got a fourth opinion at another hospital. Unfortunately, that doctor also suggested surgery. But I was stubborn. I was NOT going to have my ovaries removed!

I started reading articles on the internet about endometriosis and management options. I found a great article and looked up the surgeon who wrote it. She only lived 2 hours away from me! I immediately called the clinic she worked at and made an appointment.

I met with her and, right away, she agreed to help me. She scheduled me for a surgical procedure to remove my endometrial lesions, without removing my ovaries! I’m so glad I did all that research and found her. Never be afraid to see multiple doctors! If you aren’t happy with the course of treatment your doctor recommends, ask a second doctor, and a third! You can never have too many opinions.

This story was submitted by a real woman and reflects her personal experience. It does not reflect AbbVie’s thoughts, opinions, or beliefs. Before making any changes to your treatment or lifestyle, consult with a physician.

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