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How to manage activities, family life, and chronic pain

Endometriosis pain can impact daily activities—even when those events are typically fun and enjoyable. You may worry about canceling plans often, or even avoid making plans altogether.

It’s important to anticipate how you may be feeling and how you will deal with pain in social situations. See what techniques other women with endometriosis are using to manage social situations. While these tips may help, be sure to talk to your doctor about anything new you're doing to manage your disease.

Here are some tips you can consider:

  • Educate your family, close friends, and managers with information about endometriosis, explaining that your pain is a real medical condition
  • Organize activities that can be held at your house (craft parties, book clubs, watching movies) if it is more comfortable to be at home
  • If you have to cancel plans, explain your reasoning right away, offer alternative options but, most importantly, take care of yourself. Friends, family, and others will respect your honesty
  • Make a list of things that you love to do, and try to do one thing each day

See what techniques there are for

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