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She never gave up on finding out the truth

Several years ago, I started to experience really heavy periods and terrible pelvic pain. The pain felt like a needle was poking my ovaries—like something was there that shouldn’t be. And, it didn’t just hurt during my periods! It also hurt in between periods. It was horrible. And, over-the-counter pain killers didn’t make it go away.

So, I went to a doctor and explained my symptoms to her. I told her that I knew this pain wasn’t normal. But she just tested me for STDs, and nothing more! I got the feeling that she didn’t really take me seriously. I went back to her a few more times, but she wasn’t very helpful.

I’m relieved that at least now

I know the truth about my pelvic pain.

One day, I was having really sharp pains. I could barely walk. I didn’t want to go back to my doctor because I didn’t think she’d do anything different than the last few times. I wanted someone to take me seriously! So, instead, I went to the ER. When I got there and told them what was going on, they gave me a pelvic ultrasound. And, just as I had suspected, it showed something outside of my uterus.

From there, I was determined. I went to 3 different doctors before finally finding one who would help me out. This doctor performed a laparoscopic surgery to investigate the results of the ultrasound. The surgery confirmed that I was right—my pain wasn’t normal! I had endometriosis.

It took me 2 full years to finally get this diagnosis, but I never gave up. At times, I still have major pelvic pain, but I’m relieved that at least now I know what’s causing it. At least now, I have answers!

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