Hear from women living with endometriosis and see how you can share your own story

Hear from women living with endometriosis

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Be your own advocate

I got my period, and before I knew it, I was in the hospital. I had such heavy bleeding, so much so that my mother was becoming quite concerned. Not to mention, I was in extreme pain. So there I was, in the ER having a pelvic exam. I kept wondering, “what’s wrong with me?”

But nobody could ever give me answers. No one could ever tell me what was wrong or how to fix it. I was put on multiple hormonal birth control options to try and manage my awful periods. But, I still struggled.

I had doctor appointment after doctor appointment but, again, no answers came my way. And, I didn’t know about endometriosis myself, so I never suggested it. I thought that, in my case, there were no answers or solutions. I thought this was just the way I was built!

I spent years not understanding why my periods were like this. It wasn’t until I was trying to get pregnant that they discovered I had endometriosis. By that time, the lesions had made their way to my bladder. While they were investigating the endometriosis, they found that I had adenomyosis as well.

When it comes to endometriosis, we need to speak up. We need to be our own advocates. We need to be educated. If I had known about endometriosis myself, maybe I could have discovered answers earlier. No woman should suffer for years and years, month after month, and not know why. We need to speak up so that everyone knows more about endometriosis.

This story was submitted by a real woman and reflects her personal experience. It does not reflect AbbVie’s thoughts, opinions, or beliefs. Before making any changes to your treatment or lifestyle, consult with a physician.

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