Hear from women living with endometriosis

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Hear from women living with endometriosis

Read personal stories from women with endometriosis and get tips for living life with endo.

Sex with endo shouldn’t be a love-hate relationship

At age 21, I was diagnosed with endometriosis and it was very overwhelming.

I’ve had a few trips to the ER because sometimes I experience unbearable pelvic pain. I’ve been prescribed several different medications. Sometimes, the pain even affected my romantic relationships.

It seemed like doctors didn’t want to spend the time to find out what was wrong with me. Especially when I experienced pain with sex. One doctor even told me that my pain was in my head. That was very hard to hear.

I got married in March 2018. It was the most amazing day of my life. However, it was hard to be present when I was experiencing so much pain. Standing in front of my husband, I tried to hide back the tears as I said my vows. My husband and I couldn’t enjoy ourselves on our wedding night because of my pelvic pain. Even now, there are still times that pain makes me feel I just can’t have sex.

Life with endometriosis can be challenging. Sometimes, I feel guilty when my pelvic pain doesn’t allow me to be intimate. And I get upset when I have to cancel plans with family and friends due to endo pain.

But I want all of the women out there to know that they are not alone. I’m here with you! We need to stand as one and fight this thing together!

This story was submitted by a real woman and reflects her personal experience. It does not reflect AbbVie’s thoughts, opinions, or beliefs. Before making any changes to your treatment or lifestyle, consult with a physician.

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